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The new concept iOS 11 with a new circular style interface Apple Watch [video]

Theme interface for iOS with a circular design has long occupied the minds of designers. It all started with the Apple operating system watch OS for the Apple Watch. The artists took the initiative in their own hands, proposing a new kind of shell 11 for iOS called CIRQLEUI. The concept of OSes created by the designer with the nickname Dominik and demonstrates the OS interface that will work out of the box on the iPhone 8.

As expected, iOS 11 will be noticeably different from the previous version. The Network already has some information on this issue, although no official details yet. Freelance designer published the concept of how it will look in platform, which absorbed all the best from other OSes Apple.

The author of the concept iOS 11 put the app icons on the home screen in a circle. In the center – widget active application. The size of the icons depends on the frequency of use. The more often the user accesses the app, the more its icon and the closer it is to the center of the circle. The home screen can be rotated for easy access to the icons when using the smartphone with one hand.

The designer has proposed to use 3D Touch is not only for icons or applications, but also for control. Thus, the pressing force on button Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enables you to quickly navigate to network interfaces. Thus, on going into settings of the operating system, you can connect to any wireless network or to establish a connection with a Bluetooth device. In addition to the 3D Touch gesture control iOS 11 will allow you to add new icons and swap the switches.

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Other innovations in iOS 11 associated with the placement of banners at the bottom of the screen, new toast notifications, dark mode interface, new search system, interactive key Home and some others.

iOS 11, is expected to be significantly different from the iOS 10, including on the part of the user interface. About the features of the new platform information yet. Although sources claim that we are talking about significant changes, especially because of the work involved and the specialists macOS.

How the shell program in the style of the Apple Watch will live up to expectations, it is difficult to say, however, that it is tailored to the specifics of the device instead of using the usual universal techniques that can be used on iPhone – obviously.

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