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The new Apple Watch is Series 2 dedicated waterproof case [video]

Apple has released a new promotional video for the Apple Watch Series 2 – “Go Swim”. In advertising, the company focuses on the waterproof casing of the chronometer and offer “smart” watch as a gift for the holidays.

With the release of the Apple Watch Series 2 the company is positioning its wearable computer as a device for fitness enthusiasts, cyclists and swimmers.

A 9-second clip of “Go Swim”, the user of the gadget will receive a gift Apple Watch Sport, and then puts them on his hand and goes into the pool. The idea is pretty simple: if you like to swim and go to the pool, the new “smart” watch Apple will be a faithful companion, and easily count the number burned in water calories.

Apple Watch Series 2 is available in Russia at a price of 33 990 rubles. Updated the first generation model, equipped with a new dual-core a chip, can now be purchased for 24 990 rubles.

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