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The new Apple TV will support game controllers, Bluetooth 4.2, fast Wi-Fi

During the big fall of the presentation, which will be held on September 9, Apple to unveil not only the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Presented will be the next generation Apple TV – which will be unavailable for new predecessors opportunities. Among them, smart remote control and wireless controllers.

Previously MacDigger wrote about the characteristics of the Apple TV 4G. It is expected that it will use the A8 processor (like the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus), will receive a significant amount of internal memory to store games and applications, as well as radically improved remote control. Apple TV will also be important changes – new App store, a developer API, voice assistant Siri.

The remote for the new Apple TV will include not only physical buttons, but touch interface. One of the buttons will allow you to return to the main page, the second is to invoke Siri. Navigation on almost all content on the Apple TV it will be possible to carry out voice. According to insiders, this method of device management will be equally as comfortable as normal users, and gamers.

According to 9to5mac, known for accurate leaks about upcoming Apple new new Apple TV will be positioned as a game console that can replace your gaming console. It supports games from the App Store and is compatible with various game controllers. To manage the majority of games will be possible using a standard remote control, but manufacturers will have to develop for consoles third-party gamepads and joysticks.

As for the standard remote, the battery it has the usual, it can be changed, and not wait until it is charged. Thanks to the multi-axis position sensors in space and the acceleration of the remote control can be used in games in analogy with the remote for a Nintendo Wii. It is known that the new model will be 4.2 support Bluetooth and wifi 802.11 ac. As the kernel of the operating system on your Apple TV 4G using iOS 9.

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The new Apple TV will be radically different from its predecessor. The console will be somewhat heavier. But, more importantly, “more massive” will be the price in the Apple now discuss the range of $149 to $199. Sales should start in October.

Recall, the current third edition of the Apple TV originally sold for $99, but in the spring of this year fell to $69. According to sources, this basic version of the device will remain on sale, but its functionality is significantly enhanced. Store apps and voice control with Siri will be available only for new, more expensive model. In the future, however, Apple TV 3G will be able to use the streaming service Apple TV, the launch of which, on hearings, scheduled for next year.

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