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The new Apple TV does not support the proprietary Apple app “Remote” for iOS and watchOS

The Apple ecosystem is full of paradoxes and surprises. On the one hand the company over many years supports their computers and mobile devices, on the other – you have to brand the software with new products. As it became known, the application for remote control of Apple TV iOS devices and watchOS associated with the TV console of the fourth generation.

With the Remote app (in the Russian localization of “Remote control”) for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch can control music and video playback to Apple TV, as well as to enter characters using the virtual keyboard. It is loaded in the usual way via the App store on iOS 7.1 and above. According to the updated documentation on the support site, the Remote cannot be used with Apple TV fourth generation.

Why Apple has stopped support of the application is unknown. Perhaps the company decided to focus on new interfaces Apple TV – touch-screen remote and Siri, is considering a method of controlling the set-top box using iPhone and iPad obsolete. However now users can’t use the onscreen keyboard to enter search queries and passwords, which have caused dissatisfaction among the first buyers of the gadget.

Sales of the fourth generation Apple TV began on Friday, October 30. Users who have purchased the new branded online stores early in the week have already begun receiving device. Now in the Russian online Apple store indicates a delivery time of 1 working day. The cost of the new Apple TV is 13 990 rubles for a model with 32 GB of memory and 17 990 rubles for a model with 64 GB of memory.

Whether Apple plans to update the “Remote control” to support the new Apple TV, hard to say. Perhaps in the future users will still be able to control the device with iPhone or iPad screen. But it probably also will require a platform update tvOS.

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