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The new app allows you to test touch panel Touch Bar on any Mac

Developer under the name of Red Sweater has released an app using which users can test touch panel touch Bar, which is equipped with a new MacBook Pro. Utility is free and is called Touche.

The developer has provided a simple to use virtual panel Touch Bar. It is that the user runs on the Mac a standalone application that mimics the touchpad of the new Apple laptops. The contents of the window changes dynamically depending on the task and displays the controls at the time when they are needed.

On the same Final Cut Pro X can instantly switch between editing tools, adjust the sound and open the menu in the Photo rotate the photo and adjust the intensity with the slider in GarageBand to adjust the sound effects.

As at Mac no touch screens, all commands are executed in the usual pressing a key on the virtual panel.

Touche to install on a Mac, simply download the file on the developer site and run it as a normal app. To work correctly you will need the operating system macOS 10.12.1 Assembly 16B2657 available on the Apple website.

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