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The new app allows you to free memory space on iPhone without deleting anything from your device

According to a study by SanDisk, 80% of iPhone owners are forced to regularly delete the contents of your igadzhetov, to free memory. Most of the people are much more willing ready to say goodbye with pictures than with applications. There are 43% of the total number of participants. Those who important the software is slightly less – 40%. Moreover, approximately half of all respondents removes the contents of the device at least once a month.

Appeared in the App Store mobile app that allows you to easily free up iPhone the app. Thanks to the application of IceCream, the user does not have to delete the contents of your mobile device – all the data are uploaded to cloud storage.

The program allows for a few minutes to transfer your photos and videos in the cloud, to be able to remove new. The solution, according to the developers, operates several times faster and allows you to move iCloud in the Internet thousands of images in minutes. To implement this feature, IceCream uses cloud-based services Google and Amazon.

Once installed on the device IceCream shows what the maximum memory it can free, and also upload 250, 1000 or 2500 photos at a time. Besides the basic functions the program offers to send photos to your friends. A special mode provides the possibility to save on iPhone only optimized for viewing on smartphone footage and full-length versions of the images will be migrated to the cloud.

During the trial period, the app is completely free, but in the future, the developer plans to charge a dollar for each thousand reserved images. Ultimately, the cost of using this service may be better than iCloud. However, the service Creator does not focus on low prices and speed of work and convenience. “In addition, users are psychologically easier to accept one-time payments than for subscription,” – said the developer.

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Download IceCream on iPhone here. To use the app will need iOS version not lower than 8.0.

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