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The new app allows you to determine which of two installed processors Apple A9 in the iPhone 6s

As we have mentioned, in different models of the iPhone 6s there is a difference – the manufacturer of Apple’s A9 processor are two different companies. Due to the use of various manufacturing processes the sizes of chips are different. Unofficial app for iOS allows you to figure out what “stone” is set in the specific instance of the new iPhone.

An unexpected discovery was made by experts Chipworks, took several models of the iPhone 6s and discovered there are two different processor. The manufacturer of the first of them (APL0898) is a South Korean Samsung, and producing APL1022 meets Taiwan’s TSMC.

In the production of chips used in different technological processes, making Apple’s A9 using 14nm process technology of Samsung, occupies an area of 96 mm2, whereas the processor based on 16-nm TSMC considerably larger and covers an area of 104,5 mm2. Both processors have an identical structure and set of components.

Due to the use of different technical processes chips APL0898 and APL1022 may have different indicators of energy consumption, energy efficiency and performance. Accordingly, different instances of the iPhone 6s may exhibit different performance and different battery life.

14-nm process technology Samsung theoretically can increase performance and reduce power consumption. In Chipwork really noted the difference in the results of the testing platforms. According to preliminary data, the Samsung chip shows in the Geekbench result 2542 and 4444 points in single-core and multi-core modes, while the processor TSMC – 2526 and 4404 points, respectively.

To determine which processor is installed in your iPhone using the CPU Identifier. This unofficial app is not distributed via the App store. To install the utility, you must confirm the installation of the corporate certificate.

Previous rumors have indicated that Samsung got most of the orders for production of Apple A9 and A9X. According to new data, TSMC accounts for about 63%, Samsung – 37% of all deliveries.

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