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The new Analytics service Apple became available for all developers

Apple opened full access to the new Analytics App Analytics. This is stated in the e-newsletter company. From today to use the service can all members of the iOS Developer program.

“Service App Analytics now available for all developers. It provides detailed information about your applications. You don’t need to edit code or update the app, it is available at no extra cost,” writes Apple.

The report notes that the Analytics service allows you to see the number of page views apps in the App Store, learn views statistics for all time, to create links and keep track of advertising campaigns, to determine which sites bring more new users.

Service Analytics applications” was launched in late April. Many developers have already appreciated its capabilities.

Programmer Jeremy Olson, nominee and winner of an Apple Design Award, believes the best part of the App Analytics the opportunity “to see how the transitions are transformed into downloads. Now the authors of the application can compare the number of views and downloads and modify program description: amend the text to improve the screenshots etc.

“Statistics in iTunes Connect shows the number of pageviews App Store that lets you know how many people viewed the description of the app, said the programmer. – So the developer can figure out what he should improve metadata (users simply open the page, but do not load), or to make efforts at advertising (if no one comes to the page), or pay more attention to the application”. “The traffic is divided into countries and regions: so you can learn the languages for which you need to prepare the localization in the first place”, he added.

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“No other third-party service does not provide such opportunities,” said Akhil Tolani.

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