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The network has shown the best in the world “selfie”stick with fans and floodlights [video]

Appeared on YouTube video, the creators of which presented “the world’s first automatic self-stick”. A device called Unreal Selfie Stick is a telescopic design, able to automatically advance to the desired length with the push of a button the handle.

But not even that interesting: selfie stick is equipped with two powerful fans and bright led lights concealed in the handle of the device.

According to the developers, on a tripod near the site of attachment of the smartphone there are two small spotlights that at any time of the day to create the right lighting. Fans, as promised in the video, will be nice to blow the hair during shooting.

This combine for a “selfie”, however, exists only in two copies and can not buy it. Advanced selfie stick released marketing Agency Thinkmodo was created to promote the second season of Comedy-drama series “Unreal”.

Although this is just a prototype, but it works fine. And judging by the reaction of interested passers-by who participated in the creation of the video, the Selfie Stick is Unreal it is possible to start mass production.

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