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The network got the pictures case for iPhone 7 with a larger camera and four speakers as the iPad Pro

Discussion of the upcoming new products of Apple always causes the interest of the public, whether fans of “Apple” products or its ardent opponents. In anticipation of the event, in which insiders declare with one voice about the announcement of 10 iOS and OS X 10.12, became available photos of parts belonging to the yet to be announced Apple device. We are talking about the case of the iPhone 7, which was allegedly made from the production line.

Judging by the posted picture and the previous network leaks, hull “Apple” phablet will resemble the metal frame of the iPhone 6s. The photos were sent to the French website Nowhereelse informant, who reported that the production of the case of the so-called iPhone 7 have already begun. This appeared to confirm that in July reports of the early assemblies of the new Apple smartphones.

Observers of the portal indicate the presence of increased iPhone 7 camera, projecting above the housing and also shifted the flash. In the above instance it is on the right side and below the main camera of the smartphone. Plastic inserts for the antenna surround the case and painted in the colour of the aluminium shell of the device, and therefore almost invisible.

There is also the iPhone 7 have four speakers. As well as the iPad Pro, the new smartphone speakers are located at the corners of the case and should create the effect of living and surround sound. On tablets depending on how to hold the gadget, it increases the level of high frequencies to those speakers that are in the upper position. So the sound in games and movies becomes as compelling.

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Recall that according to unofficial information, the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will contain a number of important changes compared to predecessors, including dual chamber and modification with a memory capacity of 256 GB. Even more radical changes are expected in the “Apple” smartphones in 2017, when the iPhone 8, among other innovations, will receive the all-glass body and screen, made by technology AMOLED.

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