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The Network got the photo package iPhone 6s Plus in Golden body

All claiming a piece of the lucrative market for premium smartphone manufacturers try to present new items either in August or in early September, so that consumers made a choice in favor of their products. Apple in this situation too can’t delay the announcement – after all, you can start selling some time later, the main thing is to give potential buyers hope.

Several sources claim that associated with the announcement of new iPhone models Apple event scheduled for September 9. The announcement of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last year also fell on September 9, so everything is logical. And the recent increase in leakage and latest photoshoot packaging of the new flagship leave no doubt as to the imminent arrival of the iPhone 6s. Although some doubts about the plausibility of the current portions of “spy” shots still remain.

In the photo, published resource cnBeta, you can see the blank for the package of the iPhone 6s Plus. On the box marked Apple logo Golden in color and on the side faces inscriptions “iPhone 6s Plus”. Instead of the contour of a smartphone, like the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, on top of the sealed smartphone with flower on a white background.

You need to select two things that cause doubts about the authenticity of the photos. The first noticeable difference is the thickness of the material used for packaging. All owners of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can visually compare the image with boxes from their smartphones. The second, less controversial point is the image of a flower that is not in the beta version of iOS 9. Although, with the release of the final version of the OS can fix that.

At the same time clarify the situation with hearing about reduced battery capacity of the new models. According to a source, the iPhone 6s battery at 1715 mAh vs 1800 mAh in iPhone 6. With the iPhone 6s Plus, the situation is similar — 2750 mAh instead 2910 mAh in iPhone 6 Plus.

At a recent accounting conference, the representatives of the “Apple” of the company evasively reported that Apple this fall will be a busy one, and the update cycle of products this year will be different from past periods. In any case in the coming days, members of the media should receive invitations Apple.

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