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The network got new pictures iPhone X

Before the start of sales of the iPhone X in a few weeks and the network appears more and more photos of the jubilee of the Apple smartphone. A Reddit user shares new pictures.

Pre-orders for the iPhone X Apple will begin accepting on October 27. Anyone who wants to a revolutionary smartphone as quickly as possible, to be ready at midnight Pacific time, or 12:00 GMT, please press the “Buy” button on the Apple website. Otherwise, you will have to wait a few weeks, if not months, before delivery of the next batch of iPhone X. According to rumors, Apple is only now beginning to cope with the initial difficulties of production associated with the camera TrueDepth. Apparently the volume of the first batch of Apple iPhone X will be very small. Some analysts believe that the company will be able to fully meet the demand for the new smartphone only in the spring of 2018.

Last week, the network has already appeared a few pictures edge-to-edge smartphone Apple. In addition, Tim cook iPhone X lit conference Oxford Foundry. New shots were taken in the subway in China. This is the first high-quality photos of the iPhone X.

Here is a new smartphone from the front.

And iPhone X looks from the back side.

Ryan Jones, who previously worked at Apple, was able to test iPhone X last weekend. His experience is very encouraging, to say the least.


O. M. F. G. X iPhone is unreal. O. M…

— Ryan Jones (@rjonesy) 14 Oct 2017

Screen is so vivid. Invisible Bezels. Swipe-to-home is butter. Silver edge (white phone) is OG. Notch is zero zilch nada.

— Ryan Jones (@rjonesy) 14 Oct 2017

Screens looks GIANT…then it fits fine in your hand. Feels impossible. Can’t stress enough how much notch is nothing. My 7 is dogshit.

— Ryan Jones (@rjonesy) 14 Oct 2017

Home vs App switcher gesture feels “right”. 7 bezels are archaic. Samsung is 2 years behind. Notch is nothing nada zilch zero deal.

— Ryan Jones (@rjonesy) 14 Oct 2017

Normal iPhones are ruined for me. Junk. Bezels :: feature phones. Bleh.

— Ryan Jones (@rjonesy) 14 Oct 2017

“The screen is so bright. Frame invisible. The phone is very comfortable in the hand. Feeling of use is just incredible. Samsung is lagging behind Apple for two years. Just for me no longer exist, because the iPhone X is the smartphone of the future.”

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