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The Network got live pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in the color “black onyx”

The Network leaked new images of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8, which will be officially presented at the end of this month. Photos were published by a known informant under the name “Dimitri12”.

In the pictures the machine is shown from two sides. Galaxy S8 posing for photos in a glossy black color, resembling “black onyx” iPhone 7. Striking the big display on the front panel without keys “Home” and the fingerprint scanner on the back side. This is the first image of Galaxy S8 in the color Jet Black in relatively high quality.

The case of the South Korean novelty is characterized by rounded edges – with both front side and back side. Space the front panel is maximally occupied by the screen for the first time Samsung brings the device to the international market without any brand logo on the front.

Analysts differ in their forecasts for sales of the Galaxy S8. So in the Investment and Securities But Ken-so expect that Samsung will be able to realize a total of more than 60 million copies Galaxy S8, and through this product the company’s operating profit for the second quarter of 2017 will reach a record $10.5 billion.

If this forecast will be a reality, “eight” will outstrip its predecessor in popularity. According to observers, sales of Galaxy S7 and S7 edge all the time on the market was about 50 million.

KGI Securities analysts believe that in 2017, Samsung will sell no more than 40-45 million handsets Galaxy S8. Speaking about the reasons for the weak implementation of new vehicles compared to the range of Galaxy S7, experts said the belated release of the Galaxy S8 and the upcoming launch of iPhone jubilee 8.

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