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The musician played a metal cover of the standard iPhone ringtone [video]

Ringtones is pretty important. From how the phone rings, can depend not only your own mood but also the reactions of others. It’s like a kind of calling card of a person. Agree, sometimes from other people’s tubes irritate, if not more. But to find the perfect sound or melody, it is necessary sometimes to thoroughly work.

Nevertheless, a few iPhone owners wonder “How to change default ringtone on your favorite music in mp3?” Most do not even go to phone settings to change the ringtone, so iPhone standard sound – probably the most popular bell in the world.

The Creator of the YouTube channel ToxicxEternity decided to use the popular iOS ringtone for your new metal cover. The basis of the track “A Metal Tribute to iPhone Ringtones” (dedicated to iPhone ringtones) – standard the sound of “Apple” phones Marimba (Introduction).

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