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The Muscovite received severe burns from exploding in your pocket iPhone 4s

Exploded iPhone 4s has damaged the hands of the Muscovite, while he tried to get it out of his pants. The fire smartphone was at the time when the victim came out of the car.

A resident of the capital Michael received severe burns after being in the pocket of his pants exploded iPhone 4s. As the victim told the TV channel “Star”, the incident occurred when he came out of his car in the Parking lot.

The phone that was in his pants pocket, suddenly caught fire. Michael managed to get him out of the pocket and throw on the asphalt, but received severe burns to the hands and feet. In addition, the smartphone burned through his Trouser leg.

“The victim managed to pull the hands of the exploding smartphone and throw it on the ground. During the time of redemption of dangerous subject he has suffered from burns of the hands. Everything else iPhone is fully burned Muscovite pants”, – transfers the channel.

The man asked for help in the emergency room, where he was diagnosed with burns of moderate severity. It is not excluded that the incident occurred due to the replacement battery: a Muscovite not so long ago changed the battery in the smartphone.

The victim intends to Lodge a complaint with service center Apple.

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