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The most popular ad blocker for iOS 9 will skip paid for by advertisers ads

Crystal is the most popular ad blocker in the App Store. Moreover, in some countries it is also the most popular paid app for iOS devices.

For two weeks the Creator of the program Dean Murphy has already earned on your app that has been downloaded more than 100,000 times, more than $75,000. The program costs 99 cents. The developer’s earnings is not too big, but the app debuted recently. In addition, the Creator of the program has found a way to earn additional income.

Murphy signed a contract with the company Eyeo, which offers another well-known blocker Adblock Pro. Under the terms of this agreement, many companies had the opportunity for a certain amount disable the blocker for advertising their products – even on the iPhone and iPad that use the Crystal. In other words the program will appear white list of advertisers, unobtrusive ads which will be ignored by filters.

The user pays a dollar for the ability to disable ads and large companies will be transferred to the same account money for something that in the end people could not comfortably use the Internet on your gadget. In whitelists AdBlock Plus has about 700 companies, and approximately 10% of them, including Google and Microsoft, pay to be in it.

In Eyeo hastened to reassure users that pass through the Crystal filter will only be acceptable and unobtrusive advertisements.

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