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Over the weekend Apple’s retail network was enlarged by three more of the original stores. Pics opening ceremonies convey the atmosphere of celebration and innovation.

“Exciting weekend for Apple in new and renewed stores in Macau, Seattle and Palo Alto, including our 50th in mainland China,” wrote Twitter’s senior Vice President of Apple’s retail and online trade Angela Arends.

The experiences of the representatives of the Corporation is clear — it is quite difficult to organize several events in different parts of the world. All three stores are designed in the same style of Apple, but have unique and distinctive features.

So, inside Apple Store Cotai Central, which opened on 29 June in Macau, China, you can find a real bamboo grove. And thin stone curtain protects visitors from the scorching subtropical sun, but transmits enough light to the room was comfortable to be in.

On June 30 the opening of Apple Store University Village in Seattle has gathered a lot of fans of the company, despite the early morning.

The photo shows that branded retail point is situated literally across the road from the Microsoft store.

Updated Apple Store will focus on educational lectures and will focus on the project Today at Apple.

The interior is decorated with Japanese maple trees, and the sunlight enters through the transparent insert in the roof. The combination of wood, glass and metal makes the interior space light and free.

Another Apple Store opened its doors on June 30 and in Palo Alto. Tim cook attended the event and spoke with visitors.

Transparent walls help to erase the boundaries between street and room.

And internally the space is decorated with not only green trees, but a wall of mosses and ferns.

In the store, in addition to Apple products, can meet a variety of art objects and interesting pictures.

Apple does not stop the development of the retail network. In mid-July of 2018 in Milan will be opening one of the most technologically advanced stores of the Corporation. In addition to launching new outlets, Apple’s planned closes for the renovation of the old to bring all the stores to modern design concepts.

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