The modular guitar for the day collected on Kickstarter six times the required amount

Electric guitar is a young instrument. And what kind of bullying this tool has not seen! Sometimes it can be called a work of art, like the singer Prince’s guitar, and sometimes even some perversions that you don’t even want to call.

Guitar Prince. Looks very much to an amateur. Source: Schecter Cuitars

One of these bullying is the modularity of the design. She did not give rest to music inventors for a long time! This is convenient: you buy one piece, but you have the opportunity to use it as if you had several tools at once!

One of the simplest variations is the ability to quickly change the pickups or their position. After all, this is the main thing in the guitar, really (let's forget about the form, the tree, the length of the scale, the type of the nut, the type of the bridge, and just this one)? And here are some different variations:

On this “telly” you can hear the difference between “Seymours”

And then just move the pickup closer / farther to the fingerboard, radically changing the sound

But this is not real modularity! It would be desirable to take out and insert something. And to take no more than ten seconds. And such a guitar appeared:

It seems like this particular kit will fall into the hands of users. Source: Boaz

These are modules for guitar called Boaz One. The fundraising campaign for its release opened on Kickstarter. This is how it looks in the collection:

Source: Boaz

As you understand, the main modular element here is a platform with pickups. That is, in theory, with the purchase of a complete set you will have something like “Strata”, “Tele” and, conditionally, “Fat Strata”.

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And, as you can see, this guitar looks … Um … Awful. Even if you decide to slightly update its appearance:

Yes, there is a “body” with a built-in speaker. Source: Boaz

The guitar is made of polycarbonate. In the cheapest version she has a plastic (sic!) Bridge aka tailpiece. Want aluminum? Excuse me to pay 50 bucks. Do you want metal? Put all 75!

Most of all I, of course, liked this thing:

When the brain breaks in and demands to add a little versatility and incomprehensible convenience, it turns out this. Source: Boaz

Looks very comfortable!

By the way, the manufacturer does not say what a guitar scale is. There is a “strat”, then, alas, you will not have Les Paul. Although, with such a bridge you will not work.


I will not add fuel to the fire of the dispute, whether the material of an electric guitar affects its sound. But I will say this: the overwhelming majority of musicians are sure that it influences. And polycarbonate for a musical instrument – sucks full. The guitar sounds something like this:

It may seem that the rules sound. But we do not know what they stand for. Yes, and the fingers of this guy grow from the right place.


The Kickstarter campaign has just begun. To consider it successful, it was necessary to collect $ 20 thousand, but at the time of writing, 128.5 thousand were already collected.

You can participate in the campaign – technically there is nothing difficult in this design, so the product will definitely be released. The minimum version will cost $ 249 + shipping. For this money, the buyer will receive a guitar, the simplest case, one of the modular units to choose from (offer three options: Tele, Strat, Les Paul), as well as a plastic bridge. A complete set with a copper / brass bridge costs $ 579. And for this money you can find a good “Japanese” or “Mexican” (even on the secondary market).

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All pre-ordered guitars promise to send until June 2020.

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