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The modding kit allows you to turn your iPhone 5s or iPhone SE the 4-inch iPhone 6s [video]

There is no doubt that the flagship Apple phones have outstanding design. They are made in slim cases with rounded edges, which replaced the hard lines inherent in the previous models – the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. Many users believe the iPhone 6s design is very ergonomic, and the appearance of the iPhone SE and its predecessor is quite outdated. The authors of the portal German Computerbild suggested way to transform any 4-inch iPhone so that it looked like an iPhone 6s.

Experts bought on AliExpress the kit to make iPhone 5, 5s and SE 4-inch iPhone 6. The kit includes a new case and a screwdriver to disassemble the gadget and transfer components into a new shell. The procedure is recommended only to experts.

“In order to change your iPhone, you need to know what you are doing. Every tiny screw, the wires and cables must be transferred in its original state. Although removing the motherboard is not difficult, flat cables under the card is quite difficult: if you pull too hard, they will be broken. In this case the main rule: do everything consistently and slowly, in the correct sequence. Even the most experienced specialist would be needed more than two hours”.

The result will be the iPhone 5/5s/SE in the body in the style of the iPhone 6. The cost of the kit in the online store is 15 to 20 dollars.

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