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The mobile app will allow you to catch and penalize violators of Parking rules

Moscow authorities will launch a new service for smartphones that will allow each resident to become a Parking inspector. Any person with a mobile companion of Moscow” will be able to fight against illegal Parking. The app will be available for iOS and Android.

The app works is quite simple. First you need to take some pictures of the machine of the offender. Ideally, you should choose such an angle that you can see a prohibitory sign, and room rental. But even if the right plan to do will not work – it doesn’t matter. The service uses satellite navigation data in the phone and remembers the coordinates of where the picture was taken.

After voluntary Parking inspector detects a violation, the photos should be sent to a special server receiving data. There will consider them experts and will issue a fine based on the pictures.

In addition, the mobile app will allow you to monitor the payment of Parking — all rooms, trapped in the base, will check on that. If it turns out that the Parking lot the driver is not paid, he will receive a fine.

In order to install this application, you will need to register on the Moscow government services portal The password to log into the mobile application will be the same as the password for personal Cabinet

It is noted that the service will be protection from photoshop. It will be impossible to send photos taken with a regular camera. The application will accept only those pictures that are made through the program “Assistant of Moscow”.

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In addition, the penalties for a wrong Parking will be discharged only if the card clearly prove the guilt of the motorist. If the photo is difficult to read the number or it is not clear the exact location of the sign prohibiting such evidence will not be accepted.

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