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The Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia issued a memo on how to do a selfie without a risk to life

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in connection with the recent increase in deaths of young people trying to make a selfie, presented the instruction “Do safe selfie. The coolest selfie could cost you your life.” Manual recalls on safety measures when taking a photo.

MIA its preventive action decided to minimize the number of tragic accidents and stop the dangerous fashion for selfies. “Progress is not in place, along with all the pluses, there are new challenges and threats. Today we present our memo to remind how to make a selfie was safe and did not last in my life,” he said at the presentation of the official representative of the Ministry, assistant to the interior Minister of the Russian Federation Elena Alekseeva.

In the description to the document notes that the Ministry concerned a tragic accident while trying to take a picture. The Department believes that such cases could be prevented with the help of the handout.

“When a person tries to take a picture of himself which he scattered attention, lost his balance, he looks around and feels no danger. Take a selfie, making sure that you are in a safe place and your life is not in danger!” – noted in the Ministry of internal Affairs.

In the memo in the form of icons depicts one of the most hazardous methods of creating selfie – for example, on the train tracks, train cars, on top of a building and driving. However, some cases in which it is dangerous to be photographed, “illustrated with real life examples. Among them is death, a woman, accidentally shot himself in the head from a traumatic gun and death in the suburbs of a teenager, whateverelse for bare wire.

The Department invited all interested to send their version of the memo.

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