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The Ministry of economic development suggested to create a backup copy of the Runet in case of external attacks

The Ministry of economic development suggested to create a backup copy of the Russian segment of the Internet as an alternative to the ideas of the Ministry of communications to require operators to connect to the public exchange points Internet traffic. About this “Vedomosti” reports with reference to the meeting in the Ministry of economic development.

Earlier this problem was tried to solve in the Ministry of communications. For this it was proposed to oblige mobile operators to connect to the traffic exchange points, which are registered in the public registry. On these points the operators exchange traffic, in order not to duplicate the channels of transmission. If the proposal is approved, all traffic will be transmitted within the country. According to the plan, the plan will provide stable operation of the Internet in Russia, even in the event of an attack from abroad.

Instead, the Ministry proposed “to remove and store the route of the traffic,” that is, to reduce everything actually backing up that in case of emergency you can restore the system, told the meeting.

The representative of the Ministry stated that the Ministry opposes interference in the existing data transmission system. Instead, you must create the backup help system that contains detailed information about Autonomous systems, IP addresses and so on.

According to the source, in December 2016, Deputy economic development Minister Nikolai Podguzov was written in the Ministry of communications, the letter, which also criticized the bill on the critical infrastructure of the Internet. He warned that the adoption of such measures will increase the costs of operators and, consequently, to higher prices on bond.

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Disable Russia from the global Internet if possible, it is only in the framework of the emergency measures taken, for example, in the case of a full-scale war, I’m sure the consultant research organization “PIR-center” Oleg Demidov. In his opinion, the bill of the Ministry of communications on any of the stages did not serve this purpose, but theoretically it allows for selective blocking of traffic.

But if to speak about the proposals of the Ministry of economic development, this mechanism in principle is not able to turn off Russia from the global Internet, but rather contributes to the stability of the Russian segment of the network and provides operators with data on alternative routes, says Demidov.

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