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The Ministry of communications explained the failure of the national search engine Sputnik, which spent $20 million

Draft national search engine “Sputnik” has failed due to the fact that the service was created artificially, and its creators did not have a clear understanding of what purpose it is created. The initial investment in the project amounted to $20 million, and total investments by August 2016 could exceed 2 billion rubles.

About the reasons for the failure of the “Satellite” said Deputy Minister of communications and mass communications of Russia Alexei Volin.

“Sputnik is not “bankrupt”, because in order to “burn”, it was necessary to light up at least. It was quite an artificial project that deals with the issue that very often in our business the state to do nothing”, – quotes the words Volin TASS.

He stressed that the problem of “Sputnik” was that, “making state a search engine, people are unable to answer the question” why and for whom they create it. “We believe that most of the things there needs to be serious, with a clear understanding of audiences and business models that will exist,” said Wolin.

Wolin noted the useful designs and tools of the project. For example, “Sputnik” there is a very good counter. It was a by-product, which in the end took off. It is a counter that allows for very well and closely monitor the audience, said the official.

In may it became known that the project of gosposhlina “Sputnik” can be either closed or reoriented to other tasks. According to service Liveinternet in April, the number of transitions from “Sputnik” to other sites of a Runet reached 100 823, while the “Yandex” and Google billions of transitions. The share of “Yandex” in April was 54%, Google of 40.8%, — 4,4%, “Sputnik” — less than 1%.

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In June it became known that “Rostelecom” is examining the prospects of the national search engine and browser “Sputnik” and considering the possibility of their use for needs of state bodies and companies.

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