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The Minister uses the five phones, but the preference of Russian YotaPhone

The Minister of communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation Nikolai Nikiforov at the International it-forum with the participation of BRICS and SCO said about your personal preferences in regard to mobile devices. According to him, he uses five phones, but prefer Russian gadget.

Nikiforov did not name the model of their devices, but at least one of them is for sure – the Minister has repeatedly appeared in public with an iPhone in hand. “Actually, I use five mobile phones, but mostly I think our Russian Yota phone,” said the official.

According to Nikiforov, the government should support the Russian manufacturers in the development of information technology, how does it with the domestic auto industry.

“But in the field of IT we have provided our developers ourselves,” he continued. “But if we are talking about global de-monopolization of this industry, we must take into account this important moment.”

Not so long ago, Nikolai Nikiforov became the owner of the Russian smartphone YotaPhone at mobile operating system Sailfish. According to him, Russia in the short term is unlikely to become a world leader in the production of mobile devices, but on YotaPhone Sailfish “a great future”.

Previously Nikiforov made a statement about supporting independent mobile systems. Then the Minister promised grants to developers under Sailfish OS and Tizen, to fight against the American monopoly of Android and iOS. The Ministry of communications reported that work on a national platform with people from Nokia, as it became known later that Nikiforova Sailfish OS is already installed on YotaPhone 2.

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