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The Microsoft Band 2 expands the functionality of the smart bracelet

Bracelet Microsoft Band second generation received a number of new features c the release of the update for the official client. App called Microsoft Health is available on all modern mobile platforms including iOS.

Update tracker allows you to add up to 20 tiles on the display Band 2. These tiles can be used for various activities such as social networking, chat, news, stats and more. Another new feature allows you to see more text on the screen Band 2 when viewing e-mail, Twitter, Facebook.

In Microsoft noted that Band 2 has the more effective management of notifications. The user can control which apps can send notifications to your device. In a new section accessible from the main menu of the app Microsoft Health. In this way organized a function in the Apple Watch.

With previous release, recall, Microsoft has also expanded the possibilities of branded smart bracelet. With the help of Band 2, you can control the music playback on your paired mobile device. As well as the Apple Watch, the gadget is able to recall what the user was up and it would be nice to warm up. In Apple say that a long stay in a sitting position can affect health, so if the owner of the Apple Watch is almost an hour sitting on location, hours me remind you that it’s time to stand up and some exercise.

The presentation of the bracelet Microsoft Band 2 took place in early October. The gadget has got a curved AMOLED-display diagonal of 1.36 inches resolution 320 x 128 pixels, improved housing design with rounded edges, so it needs to be more comfortable on the wrist. Built-in battery lasts for 2 days Autonomous operation.

As for the sensors, then Microsoft Band will handicap the Apple Watch. He is able to monitor activity heart rate, count calories, distance, steps, track sleep, monitor your body temperature, the level of ultraviolet radiation (UV index), has a sensor galvanic skin response, a GPS module, a barometer and an altimeter.

According to the Microsoft statement, only the Band knows how to calculate an indicator of maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max), which characterize physical endurance, and the time required for recuperation after a exercise.

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