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“The messenger” has announced lower prices for smartphones 25%

“The messenger” has announced lower prices for smartphones by 20-25%. The retailer fell and A-brands (Apple, Sony, Microsoft – Nokia), and B-brands. According to the concept of “Connected”, this will increase sales in units and to generate additional revenue, particularly due to sales of additional services and accessories to smartphones.

As noted in the “Connected” 65% of goods that set more attractive to buyers price — unit cost of 10,000 rubles. For example, Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Dual steel cheaper for 9000 and 7000 rubles rubles and are 29 990 rubles and 31 990 rubles, in September last year, and the iPhone 6 memory 64 GB fell by 2000 roubles and will cost 50 990 rubles. iPhone 6 Plus Model even more accessible – 44 990 rubles. the Device Sony Xperia C3 is now available in 14 990 rubles discount 3000 rubles.

Euroset reacted to the strengthening of the ruble and lowered the price about a month ago – and not only on smartphones but also on tablets, says Vice-President of the company Victor Lukanin: cheaper is not planned, but the rouble exchange rate changes daily, and this is reflected in the purchase price.

The retail network operators have not done a bulk price reduction. MTS has reduced prices of Internet gadgets in retail to purchase in April – then it reached 30%. The operator representative Dmitry Solodovnikov says that it is connected not with a stable ruble, and with a new business strategy: MTS refused short term earnings on the sale of equipment in the name of permanent income on mobile Internet.

In the salons of “MegaFon” and “Beeline” smartphones prices decreased occasionally during various activities, but they were not associated with changes in exchange rates, say the representatives of the operators. Build long-term forecasts on the strengthening of the exchange rate is premature, says Anna Imasheva of “Beeline”.

The decline in the prices of the gadgets associated with the ruble, of course, a little spur sales, says Director of public relations of the Association of trading companies and manufacturers of consumer electronic and computer equipment Anton Guskov. But, first, it is difficult to predict how the currency will behave, is it necessary again to raise prices. And secondly, summer is the low season, he points out, is that smartphone sales are a little bigger.

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