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“The messenger” for the second time this month reduced the price of iPhone and other equipment as part of the “price war”

Retailer “Svyaznoy” held the second in the last month a wave of declining prices of smartphones, tablets and other products. At this time, discounts have touched about 1,000 SKUs, including the iPhone. At the same time “the Messenger” launches a massive advertising campaign in which the retailer will tell the customers all over Russia about reducing the cost of equipment.

In the second wave, prices were reduced by 350 models of phones and smartphones, 70 tablets, 130 smart accessories (smart watches, fitness trackers, quadrocopters), 40 models from a range of photographic equipment, as well as 15 models of navigators and DVRs.

In particular, the value of the smartphone Lenovo A6010 was reduced to 5 000 rubles (discount 29%), Microsoft Lumia 430 Dual Sim with 2 000 rubles (a decrease of 45%). “Smart” watches LG G Watch Urbane fell by 3 500 rubles (20%). The 16-Gigabyte iPhone 5s now costs 21 890 rubles to 3 100 rubles cheaper (down 12%).

“The decline in the prices of extended range products, which include not only smartphones, but also tablets, smart accessories and photographic equipment – a means of stimulating demand in conditions when real incomes of Russians continue to fall. Svyaznoy expects thus to stimulate demand during the low season, to increase sales in units and to generate additional revenue through sales of related services and products – accessories, SIM cards, insurance policies,” said Maria Zaikina, a representative of “Coherent”.

The first mass reduction of prices in the “Connected” was held on 31 March — then the prices were lowered on more than 300 smartphones and tablets. The day before about massive discounts announced “Euroset”. In MTS since early April prices have been reduced twice.

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In late March, “Vedomosti” reported a sharp increase in purchases of goods before retailers “price wars” with each other.

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