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The media learned about the development in Russia of networks of SCS for 900 billion

The government is considering a draft law on creation in Russia of an integrated communications network (ICN), for defense purposes. On Friday, wrote the newspaper “Kommersant”.

ISS solves the problem of the “rule of law”, designed to access public authorities and security services. From the point of view of architecture it will be a physically dedicated network, having connections with the networks of General access (“including foreign States”).

According to the law, for the needs of ISS will be used including lines and means of communication owned by commercial operators and telecommunications companies. In particular, they will be obliged “to form a surplus in the amount of not less than 10 %” during the laying of fiber-optic communication lines.

“The selected companies will have to compulsorily enter into a contract with a government Agency, which will empower you to create the ISS, or to prove “lack technical ability” to do it”, — the newspaper writes. To set prices for services will be the Federal Antimonopoly service.

The sources noted that as potential operators of ISS considers the company “Rostelecom” and “Voentelekom”.

One of the newspaper’s sources had estimated the project cost 900 billion, with another also called the order value in the hundreds of billions of rubles. While in the previous version of the project cost was estimated at 234 billion.

“In the previous project to save money they planned to use the existing trunk and intra-zone network, in addition, for the past two years, prices on the equipment for communication networks has increased significantly,” — said the cause of the growth estimates for single sources.

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Now was developed by the Ministry of communications bill passes the coordination in profile departments. It is expected that the new law will take effect in July 2018.

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