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The media learned about a possible postponement of the implementation of the “Spring law” for 2019

The government and Telecom operators to agree on the postponement of the entry into force of the norms of the “law of Spring” for the year 2019. On Thursday, reports Vedomosti.

“The meeting participants will discuss proposals to change the law, prepared by the expert group at the open government. She was about 19 January of this year to discuss the public initiative for the abolition of the law Spring. The abolition of the group is not supported, but proposed to amend regulations serious refinement”, – stated in the material of the newspaper.

It is noted that the group recommended that the government undertake further assessment of the technical, organizational and social aspects of applying the law to store the contents of telephone conversations and Internet traffic. Experts believe it is essential to eliminate redundant traffic information, to be kept, and to consider phasing in periods of storage of the data operators

“We are talking about Internet video, IPTV and other content, providing up to 80% of the traffic. The greatest value in storage make text and voice information, followed from the document. The new version of the opinion prepared for the upcoming meeting, said that the exact costs of the operators on the implementation of the law can be assessed after starting this project,” – says the publication.

In the final conclusion, the experts propose to establish a pilot project for the storage of data in the framework of the “Spring law”. Because of this, entry into force may be delayed until 2019. According to the edition, MTS estimates the cost of execution of the “law of Spring” in 400 billion rubles a year, eksperto group at 100 billion rubles.

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Adopted in 2016 “the law of Spring” in particular, obliges mobile operators and Internet service providers for six months to store all phone records and messages exchanged between users and metadata about facts connection requires to preserve for three years. These rules should enter into force in July 2018.

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