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The media found the man, which blocked in Russia Pornolab, Brazzers and MDK

Lecturer at Togliatti state University, accredited expert of Roscomnadzor and head of “Political practice” Ruslan Okhlopkov was one of the most active fighters against pornography and “immoral” in the Russian Internet, says “Medusa” referring to the prosecutors in Samara region. The claims of the fourth became the basis for the blocking of sites Pornolab, Brazzers, author, and dozens of other Internet resources.

According to the publication, who works as the Deputy Director for research work and economic activities in the Institute of architecture and building, Tomsk state University, from which he graduated in 2004. To appeal to the state authorities to block websites and ban entertainment, he began in the spring of 2015, fully updated their profiles in social networks: informed Okhlopkov staged “events with humorous names “Merry mushroom with red eyes””. In the summer of 2016, he was involved in collecting signatures for a list of candidates for elections to the state Duma from the party “Great Motherland”, among the founders of which is one of the leaders of the movement “Antimaydan” Nikolai Starikov. Then the Central election Commission refused to register the list, recognizing almost 14% of the signatures invalid.

On the website of the movement “Political practice”, which activists are Okhlopkov and his supporters, published more than 40 scans of the appeals with a demand to prohibit, for example, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Maxim “promotion of prostitution”, the movies “the best day” and “Bitter” “the technology of “non-violent” seizure of power by information-psychological influence on conscious and unconscious minors” Barbie doll “for the formation of the child matrix of the new ideal of beauty in the vulgarity and promiscuity”, as well as clips of singers Bianchi and Jennifer Lopez “for threatening the national security of the Russian Federation”.

The young man drew the attention of government agencies on community in social networks, porn sites and online stores of alcohol. Complaints about TV, movies, magazines and video games deals with another activist of “Political practice” — Muscovite Dmitry Raevskiy, a few years ago moved with his wife to the Crimea. In their complaints, Rajewski wrote about “the reformatting of the cultural code” of the population “against the creation of an effective tool for achieving the technology “non-violent” seizure of power”.

Also Rajewski is the Creator of the community “Teach good”, which talks about “technologies of cultural reformatting” and calls for its purpose “assessment of media from traditional family values.” This project is cooperating site “of KOB-Media”, founded by supporters of the movement “the concept of public safety “Dead water””. The movement was named after a book of major-General Konstantin Petrov, which in 2013 was included in the list of extremist literature.

Multiple calls yielded the result: so, Maxim magazine received a warning from Roskomnadzor for publishing an interview of the singer Sergey Mikhalok with profanity, and the Prosecutor made in court blocking dozens of communities “Vkontakte” and Pornolab porn and Brazzers. However, the results of the audit most part of complaints of violations have not found the activists of “Political practice” that have attempted to challenge the majority of failures in the Prosecutor’s office.

In may 2016, who received the status of accredited by Roskomnadzor expert what gave him the right to evaluate information products. In October, he registered in Togliatti NGO “Volga region regional Bureau of information Analytics and expertise”. At this location are the offices of the two companies, the owners of which is the TSU rector Mikhail Krishtal. He explained that consented to the registration of NGOs at this address, adding that neither he nor the University to her have no relationship. Okhlopkov through the press service of the University reported that the organization will help law enforcement agencies. Give the Medusa a more detailed interview, he refused, saying that does not discuss its work with reporters and have a negative attitude to this edition.

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