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The marathon runner ran 10 km in AirPods headphones: good ears, excellent autonomy

Today buyers AirPods wireless headphones have started to receive their orders. The first lucky residents in Australia and New Zealand, where also already successfully launched sales of new products in Apple retail stores. Users AirPods are ready to share impressions of the device.

Australian Daniel Garcia spoke about his first 10-kilometer cross-country wireless headphones Apple. The athlete was afraid that the headphones at one point will fall out of your ears, but that did not happen. Even when sprinting they are securely held in the ears. Standard EarPods often fall out of your ears because the wires that you can touch, and they pull the earpiece from your ear. In the case of AirPods don’t have this problem.

Garcia praised the ease of connecting your headphones to your iPhone and decent sound quality. According to him, the bass was better than he expected. During a conversation AirPods well filtered external noise. Problems with connectivity or sound on the other end did not arise.

At the edges of each of the AirPods has special sensors that know when an accessory is inserted into the ear or out of it. This allows you to automatically stop music playback, you only get one earphone from your ear.

Pleased with the autonomy of headphones. After an hour of continuous music listening the battery indicator showed 84%. That is, the headset is able to work the claimed 5 hours.

Garcia even managed to squeeze out of AirPods for half an hour more claimed, continuously listening to them at medium volume. Charging your gadget directly in the case. headphones you can charge for three hours listening for 15 minutes, and for about an hour – up to 100%.

Garcia believes that the AirPods are ideal not only for conventional applications, for example, as a phone headset, but as sports headphones.

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