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The manufacturer of Coach handbags released designer collection of straps for the Apple Watch

The company Coach, the renowned manufacturer of luxury accessories, is preparing a lineup of straps for “smart” hours from Apple, reports 9to5Mac. According to the publication, for the gadget will be manufactured a series of accessories with the logo of the brand.

Buyers will choose from several options leather straps. The source said about the collection of 8 models in different color versions, including white, black, red and brown. They were made by hand in the workshop of the fashion house. Accessories will be on sale in June at a price of $150.

The company Coach was founded in 1941 in new York American designer Bonnie Cashin. She specializiruetsya on the production of premium accessories. According to research by J. P. Morgan on the basis of a survey among women, Coach is a favorite manufacturer of handbags in women 22-55 years.

It is unknown whether the release of a collection of straps for the Apple Watch own initiative Coach, or it is about a partnership with Apple. The last option is more likely, considering the previous initiatives of the California Corporation. According to the Coach representative, the company “strive to provide customers with elegant and functional accessories for everyday life”. New collection of straps for the Apple Watch, he called a reflection of this principle.

Earlier in the sale updated Apple Watch, designed by fashion house Hermès. Released several models of “smart” hours: with straps of leather in one or two turns. All watches in the collection on the body and straps and engraved with Hermès.

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