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The makers of the Moment case 2.0 call it the best accessory for mobile photos [video]

Three years ago when a group of fans of mobile photography from Moment launched a campaign to support the project lenses for iPhone, the necessary $50,000 has been collected for the first day. Now, in a Moment intend to repeat the success with a new project Moment 2.0. Accessory is positioned as “the best in the world case for mobile photography”.

These days, many use the iPhone to take pictures. However, despite the increased quality of mobile photos, many of the important functions and interface features of this camera are lost when you move on to shooting with a smartphone. Case Moment 2.0 promises to return some of the most important such functions.

Button shutter the side of the Moment 2.0 multifunction. With its help you can perform as a full press and a half-buttons in the same way as on all modern cameras. Half you give the command for auto focus and complete pressing actually takes the picture.

IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can buy Moment 2.0 with built-in batteries to prolong the battery about two times. Apple has case-battery Smart Battery Case only for the iPhone 7, and the Moment corrected this omission is the iPhone 7 Plus is also not left behind.

At the Moment for the iPhone 7 is fitted with a battery capacity of 2500 mAh, and the iPhone 7 Plus — the battery on the 3500 mAh.

The case allows you to install lenses from the same manufacturer – Moment. Mount type bayonet provides quick and reliable fixation of the lenses, and the electronic interface allows you to identify the mounted lens using brand same app for iOS.

Moment 2.0 allows you to conveniently work with the camera in any orientation, and lugs to attach the strap allow you to wear the smartphone like a regular camera.

The kit with case includes 18-mm wide-angle lens with the new design. It was created by a company from scratch and got a new design. Covers compatible with old lenses Moment but can be set only by using a special adapter. Later will come new lenses, among which will be a 60 mm lens, 15mm fisheye and 18.5 mm optics for macro photography.

Order Moment 2.0 on Kickstarter. For only 99 dollars you will receive a case with battery, or $ 30 without it, when the accessory will be launched. Deliveries to customers will begin in June 2017.

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