The main reason for buying a 16-inch MacBook Pro

In the fall, Apple will introduce a new MacBook Pro. According to sources, the laptop will receive a radically new design and display with a diagonal of 16 inches. Now, according to rumors, we can say that the size of the new MacBook Pro 16 ″ will not differ from the 15-inch model. Reports about it DigiTimes.

This rumor sounds logical with an eye on two factors at once. The first is a tendency to thinning the framework. The second – the real diagonal of the 15-inch MacBook Pro model is 15.4 inches, that is, you do not have to greatly increase the size of the display.

The main reason for buying a 16-inch MacBook ProMacBook Pro 16 concept next to the current MacBook Pro 15. Source: Ben Geskin

The displays for the new MacBooks are supposedly made by LG Display. Their resolution will be 3072 × 1920 pixels, that is, the aspect ratio of 16:10 will remain unchanged.

The exact date for the presentation of the 16-inch MacBook Pro is not yet known. DigiTimes suggests that it will be shown in September. It sounds strange, since the September event is traditionally devoted to iPhones, watches and some iOS iOS (this year they will also be told about iPadOS, most likely) and WatchOS. And laptops show in October. I have already figured out why each of the versions sounds logical:


Rumors: Apple will show 16-inch MacBook Pro in September

The main reason for buying a 16-inch MacBook Pro

Ilya Kichaev

June 24, 2019

Known and the approximate cost of the new "proshki". It looks more expensive than I would like:


It does not seem enough: the new MacBook Pro will be more expensive than $ 3000

The main reason for buying a 16-inch MacBook Pro

Kostya Baranov

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July 24, 2019

Why do you need this MacBook Pro?

Not to say that the framework of the 15.4-inch macbook is too big. But in the 2019 century it is already unfashionable. Design need to refresh. Here you are.

🔥 16-inch MacBook Pro concept by @EveryApplePro

I really hope (but it is very unlikely) we will get something like this! Event New MacBooks will be released on September

Are you excited? Which laptop do you use?

– Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) June 27, 2019

Judging by the price projections, we believe that the new “proshka” will be much more powerful than the most expensive version of the 15-inch model. Probably, it will receive 32 GB of RAM in the database, or eight or ten-core Intel Xeon processor. But this is my guess.

The main reason for buying a 16-inch MacBook ProMacBook Pro 16 concept. Source: Ben Geskin

Or it may be that according to its characteristics it will be similar to the usual 15.4-inch “plug”, which will slightly drop in price. If this happens, then Apple will probably no longer update it, gradually sending it to rest. This will lead to the introduction of a new company design code for laptops. And the 16-inch model will be the forerunner of this update.

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