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The main innovation of the iPhone 7 will be available only to buyers of the most expensive models

The latest rumors attributed the new generation of iPhone system of double chambers. The basis of this technology will lie in the development of the Israeli company LinX Imaging, which allow to take pictures on smartphones quality at least equal to “DSLRs”. However, according to the latest reports, use of innovative technology can not all owners of iPhone 7.

That iPhone 7 will be equipped with dual camera, in January announced well-known KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has shared accurate information about unannounced Apple products. According to the expert, the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus will receive two compact 12-megapixel image sensor made by Sony on the back. They will be different in the diaphragm and the presence of optical image stabilization within the sensor and optical zoom another.

In a fresh note to investors, Kuo confirmed that the double optics in the new smartphones, but noted that the iPhone 7 Plus will be available in two versions, and innovative optics will receive only expensive modification of the device. The difference in the cost models information yet.

Apple owes this innovation technology of the Israeli company LinX Imaging, which was acquired in 2015. This means that two simultaneously captured frame will be transformed into one high-quality image. To double the camera To Min Chi promises improved photosensitivity and two – and three-times optical zoom.

The introduction of two cameras in the iPhone 7 will improve the quality of images taken indoors and add some cool features, such as changing focus on the finished photographs or the bokeh effect. Technology advantages also include the ability to shoot video and take photos simultaneously at maximum resolution in both cases, shooting video in normal and slow motion, to create original and zoomed photos at the same time.

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The list of features the new iPhone will be much stronger to influence the choice in favor of a particular model of the iPhone, rather than the presence of only the optical stabilization in the iPhone 6/6s Plus and iPhone 6/6s Plus. If Apple manage to implement all the features of dual camera in the iPhone 7 Plus differentiation between the 4.7 – and 5.5-inch models will be seen much more clearly.

Mixed feelings can appear for those who prefer a 4.7-inch device. On the one hand, you will understand why you give away your money if you, for example, does not need an advanced camera. But what about users who need a compact smartphone with the ability to make high-quality images in all conditions?

If Apple is introducing exclusive features in the 5.5-inch iPhone due to the larger space inside the case, there are no claims to. But if Cupertino were guided exclusively marketing objectives, it can become a bad trend.

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