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The main competitor of Apple Music launches streaming music without loss of quality

Spotify, one of the world’s largest streaming services and the main competitor of Apple Music, offered users a new subscription option with access to music without quality loss. According to sources, currently the company conducts testing to determine how popular such a service.

In the context of the service “Spotify Hi-Fi” to some premium users offered to pay the $10 a month and listen to music as level of CDs – the same subscription, Hi-Fi music service Tidal. A new subscription offering access to music in lossless format can be purchased for $20 per month.

Music lossless will give Spotify a number of advantages over Apple Music, where tracks are played with the deterioration. In addition, the cost of music with higher bitrate is not comparable with a 2-fold rise in subscription, so the new service can be very profitable.

Course Spotify is not unexpected. Apple now prefers the Lightning interface and the manufacturers of Android smartphones are switching EN masse to USB-C, so there are millions of users who can listen to music without loss of quality in any place and at any time.

Spotify currently operates in most countries of the world. Two options are available listen to music from the extensive catalog: free (average sound quality and with commercial breaks) and paid (high quality audio, no ads, you can save music for offline listening). Have Spotify more than 100 million users, 40 million of them chose the paid subscription. Apple Music to compare over 20 million paid subscribers.

In Spotify do not comment on the launch of Spotify’s Hi-Fi, stating that they are “always testing new products”.

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