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The magician is the iPad like a glove

Usually the illusionist Simon Pierro iPad need to focus on pulling things from the “magical” hats, but recently, he decided to use the tablet for another trick. It is reported by Cult of Mac.

During one of his recent speeches Simon using the iPad on hand wearing a white glove famous magician Cardini. It’s hard to explain how Piero managed to do it. Skeptics may think that he uses some kind of iOS app, but in App Store there is nothing that will help to repeat the trick.

Simon Piero told Cult of Mac:

“My show is a combination of something old and something new, as everything that we are creating or will create in the future based on what we are taught by professionals from the past.”

The recent performance of a magician in his native Germany shows that it pays homage to the professional magician of the 20th century Richard Valentine Pitchford, whose stage name was Cardini. Richard tried to copy many magicians, while noting that white gloves to perform tricks much more difficult.

This show was recorded on video and posted on the YouTube channel of Simon Piero. The movie has managed to collect seven thousand hits.

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