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The MacBook Pro user explained why he decided to abandon Google Chrome

Browser war like confrontation mobile platforms, but more modest in scale. It also has a strong (Firefox), stylish (Opera), those that only “their” (Safari), and those to whom all laugh, but still somehow enjoy (Internet Explorer). But there is a kind of informal leader, who in the world of browsers in recent years has become Chrome. Long time users sincerely admire his quickness, brevity and elegance. But as is often the case with rising stars, something went wrong. According to Ain, columnist The Next Web’s Owen Williams has decided to completely abandon your Google browser and gave some convincing arguments.

“Imagine: in the midst of the workflow, when you have the browser open some very important tabs, the fan of your laptop suddenly starts howling like a turbine missiles during launch into space. Your computer performance sharply slows down, then starts to tend to zero, and in the end, all falls, and the data is lost. I think most users Chrome this situation is familiar.

In 2008 the Internet browser from Google debuted as the fastest in the world. It was light, agile and extensible, and very intuitive compared to Firefox, which by that time, it became slow and cumbersome. Over the past two years I never got out of Chrome, even though he had become by that time in the volatile memory eater and battery.

For the longest time I refused to admit the obvious, but finally gave in — and productive Executive Chrome has gone. The more popular he became, the worse it worked.

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How to change the number of user complaints on different browsers

The Google Trends tool helped to trace interesting statistics on request “slow” for Chrome in comparison with different browsers. Competitors like Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox also shows a negative trend, but Chrome number of applications of the problems is growing at the impressive rates. Probably a large volume of complaints is directly proportional to the popularity of Chrome, and still, it is obvious that the browser is moving in the wrong direction.

If you now open the list of tasks in the Manager, you will see a big list of processes associated directly with Chrome. For example, Google Chrome Helper that supports extensions like Google Hangouts or Adobe Flash, constantly runs in the background and eats up memory.

Overall, Chrome boasts a large variety of problems that users complain: falling tabs, large computational resources, gaps in memory, General instability and frequent freezes. But there are all “victims” common denominator: no matter how much they complain, nothing changes for the better. And no matter what operating system you use — problems with Chrome find you both in Windows and in OS X, and even Linux.

There is a set of “patches” designed to resolve a particular problem, but none of them works for a long period of time. I tried everything — and in the supplements digging, and even the account was removed. Some supplements promise to speed up the browser, but I haven’t found any that really did it.

Personally, I suffer most from resursozatratno Chrome. Using Safari on my 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, I get five hours of uninterrupted work. With Chrome I can squeeze from it on the strength of two hours. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. I can work all night cafe — main, first make sure that your laptop is not running Chrome. Because if you run, I’ll need to find an outlet. According to The Verge, running Chrome battery the latest MacBook lives on three and a half hours less than with Safari.

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I love Chrome for its abundance of supplements for its uncluttered interface and how it interacts every day with various online services, but it’s time to try something new. We can do better! The trouble is that today, by and large, is optimized for Chrome, and any other experience fraught with terrible experiences. Thanks partly to the large share of the market, partly aggressive policy regarding the integration of the latest web technologies, the developers tend to Chrome, and, primarily, in our work are guided by the browser at the expense of everybody else.

The best alternative to Chrome Firefox remains, but personally, I can’t come to terms with his confusing interface. Recently greatly improved Safari, but Apple still has work to do. Maybe something like Vivaldi, built on the Chrome engine in its best years, will be the answer to our prayers?

Be that as it may, the time of parting has come. And you know, Chrome, I’d say it’s not you — it’s me, but it’s a lie. You did it to yourself. It will be hard, but I’ll forget you.”

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