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The Mac App Store is waiting for a total redesign in the style of iOS 11

Last year, Apple introduced a completely updated App Store for iOS, which increased sales. According to John Gruber, this change waits and the Mac App Store.

Since its inception in 2011, the Mac App Store, largely neglected as developers and Apple. This affected not only the development of the shop, but the popularity of the macOS platform in General: the developers about it and just forgot.

But John Gruber from Daring Fireball believes portal that the store even has a chance to become popular and useful. The writer suggested that the Mac App Store style App Store from iOS 11 can show it at WWDC 2018.

John Gruber, who has his own sources, is known for his comments and suggestions concerning Apple products: as a rule, everything he says comes true. It is therefore considered that in this way he carefully merges the information.

Last month, the report showed that the new App Store design in iOS 11 800% increase in the number of downloads of the advertised app. Apple itself has talked about the effects of the new design of the store, and Phil Schiller gave a rave review:

“We are excited by the response to the new App Store and see how many people discover and enjoy new apps and games”.

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