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The lifting of the sanctions on Iran will open for Apple the largest untapped markets

By the end of the year with Iran should be lifted international sanctions. The opening of the Iranian market offers a great opportunity for Apple. The American company is already in talks with Iranian distributors.

Under the agreement, which international mediators (Russia, USA, China, UK, France, Germany) and Tehran signed Tuesday, 14 July, Iran has committed to 15 October 2015 to limit nuclear work. If after two months the IAEA (nuclear regulator UN) confirms that Iran has executed an agreement with the country will be lifted economic sanctions.

The lifting of sanctions will allow Iran not only a full return to the global oil market, but also open to foreign investors to its market. Analysts assess the Iranian market capitalization of $97 billion and emphasize that this country is the largest and most important economy, is still closed to foreign companies. Largest educated population of Iran is comparable with Turkey, the GDP of the UAE, Thailand and Saudi Arabia, and the level of wages — with Vietnam.

Top managers Apple has already met with potential partners in a regional headquarters company in London. It was about the opening in the Islamic Republic shops that would sell the iPhone franchise. As stated by the interviewees, The Wall Street Journal, Apple is considering the option of selling their products through so-called premium Resellers, and not in its own stores. That is the business model Apple is now using in Europe and Asia.

Iran, with its 77 million population is an attractive market for Apple. The company officially declined to comment.

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