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The life of a driver or pedestrian who will sacrifice in the accident self-driving car Apple?

The production of self-driving cars should become the next technological revolution. But while on her way there are obstacles. There are a number of ethical questions that will have to answer to the manufacturers of the machines of the future.

Self-driving cars is one of the main technological trends. Functions of the pilot has already received, for example, Tesla Model S, albeit in abbreviated form. Apple to create a “car of the future,” lured to his headquarters several top managers of well-known automakers. However, the existence of in-car artificial intelligence raises the question: who is important in the event of an emergency — passengers or pedestrians? The creators of the autopilot for the Mercedes-Benz had already solved this moral dilemma.

The primary role of those in the cabin, and that they will try to save robomobile in an emergency. In an interview with Car and Driver by the head of development of satellite systems is driving the automaker Christoph von Hugo said that Mercedes-Benz will always be put first passengers. The drone cannot act according to circumstances, all of its solutions is determined by software, so robomobile 4 and 5, the level of automation from Mercedes-Benz will be programmed to occupant protection.

Von Hugo also noted that the sacrifice of the car does not guarantee safety for pedestrians. For example, if a car crashes into a tree to avoid crossing the road child, that child may fall branch — and it will still hurt. Or for trying to avoid a car accident crash into school bus.

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If it is possible to save at least one person should do it, — said von Hugo. The company’s decision may seem cynical, but it is confirmed by public opinion polls. Recently Science magazine invited 2,000 people to decide what is more important — the safety of passengers or pedestrians.

Most believe that robomobile need to keep casualties to a minimum. The majority of respondents are ready to buy a drone, but only if he puts a priority on their own safety.

Of course, in the future manufacturers of completely self-driving cars will have to spend thousands more of such tests, but if their results matched with the survey data and based on them build a model of artificial intelligence of these machines, you can say: your the Apple Car will have the full right to kill you to save the lives of others.

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