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The life and death of the iPhone

01.07.2017 0 Comments

Edition Motherboard in honor of the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone published an article about the history of the jailbreak. “Jailbreak” is an unsupported Apple operation, during which the users disable a security mechanism of mobile devices.

The life and death of the iPhone

The world’s first step-by-step instructions for the jailbreak has been published in open access in 2007, and it was used by millions of users for release from imposed restrictions.

IPhone and iPad jailbreak had the opportunity to set a new unique programs not available in the Apple store. The developers of the official apps for iOS have to adhere to strict rules of the App Store, so they can fully unleash the potential of the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

The jailbreak has opened up a real room for modification devices. It is possible to remove all the restrictions of the operating system to use the iOS interface. The possibilities are virtually not limited and each user can choose the design according to your taste. As a result, within a very short time the jailbreak was “cultural and economic phenomenon.”

The developer Jay Freeman is literally the bringing together of hackers and developers that created Cydia – analogue App Store for unofficial apps. Then Cydia started to bring millions of dollars recommending users to use iPhone and iPad as an outdoor computer.

The life and death of the iPhone

Jay Freeman (second from right) in line at the Apple presentation in 2010

However, now everything has changed, in the community of jailbreak is almost no one left. Many of its members have joined private firms for security or to the Apple. Need jailbreak or unlock less and less, as the company has adopted the best ideas of the jailbreak developers and implemented them into iOS.

“It turns out death spiral: fewer and fewer people are interested in jailbreak and the result is less developers are creating interesting products, and the users does not remain reasons to jailbreak, writes Motherboard. – That is fewer people doing the jailbreak and the result is less developers are interested in it. And then there is slow death.”


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