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The level of satisfaction of users of the Apple Watch is higher than the first buyers of the iPhone and iPad

Despite the words of hysterical men about the failure of Apple Watch, the latest market research says otherwise. The owners of the first wearable gadget from Apple, at least, more satisfied with the purchase, than the holders of the first iPhone in 2007 and iPad in 2010.

“Three months after the launch of the first generation Apple Watch is an indicator of the level of satisfaction among users of the gadget was incredibly high, according to a survey conducted among 800 owners of the device. In particular, 31% of respondents “very much satisfied with the device, and 66% either “very satisfied” or “satisfied”. Adding these numbers we get the satisfaction rate of 97% that will like the developers of the product,” the report said Tech Pinions.


The publication compared the level of satisfaction of users of the Apple Watch with the same indicator for the first iPhone in 2007 and iPad in 2010. For a smartphone, this figure was 92%, for tablet – 91%.

“Only time will tell how this achievement is an indicator of sales of the Apple Watch. But at the moment this is a very good indicator for a first wearable device Apple,” reads the study.

Most owners of the Apple Watch, according to this survey, are not advanced users. Among them: media/investors (4%), developers (9%), geeks (34%) and normal users (53%). Ordinary users are more satisfied with the gadget, rather than advanced users. For the former, the satisfaction rate of (73%), for geeks – 53%, for developers – 43%.

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