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The leadership of Uber said the leak of user data

Today, November 22, the leadership of Uber said the data breach 57 million users. As noted by Bloomberg, this happened in October 2016 and the company a whole year concealed the incident.

Of the 57 million affected, 50 million are passengers, the other seven million drivers. The stolen data contained names, email addresses, phone numbers and license numbers 600 000 drivers. Guide Uber claims that information on users ‘ location and social security numbers are not leaked.

Travis Kalanick, co-founder and former CEO of Uber, was aware of the breach in November 2016 and, instead, to inform the public about the problem, decided to pay hackers to 100 000 USD for the deletion of data and hide the incident.

The new CEO Uber Gift Khosroshahi said the news about the leak:

“It’s not supposed to happen, and I’m not going to make excuses. We are changing the way business is done. Although I cannot undo the past, I assure you that our employees learn from their mistakes”.

Bloomberg explains how hackers were able to steal the data:

“Two attacker gained access to the site for programming GitHub, which employees use Uber. Found there details hackers used to steal data stored on Amazon Web Services — the service that handles computer support company objectives and contained an archive with information on the drivers and passengers”.

Under the leadership of Khosroshahi Uber is working to restore its reputation after multiple scandals. And recently the company issued a new secured credit card in order to increase the safety of the users.

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