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The launch was opened by the Russians access to Pornhub after a six-month lock

One of the largest in the world Pornhub pornographic resources again became available for Russian users. Roskomnadzor has unblocked the website after six months after it is made in the register of prohibited services.

Available in Russia was the international version of Pornhub, a copy of the site on the domain .EN remains blocked. Russian-speaking users are encouraged to switch to a subdomain of rt.

When you log on to the website, a window appears asking you to confirm your date of birth. The creators of the service say that the user takes responsibility for their actions on the website, as well as “respect public and social norms.” In the register of Roskomnadzor specified that the Agency restricts access to only some pages of Pornhub.

September 14 at the request of Buturlinovskiy district court of the Voronezh region Roskomnadzor completely blocked Xhamster in Russia. At the same time it was denied access to the other famous website, YouPorn. According to the project “Roskomsvoboda”, resources have been included in the unified register of prohibited information.

Administration Pornhub proposed Roskomnadzor premium account in exchange for the cancellation of the blocking. However, the Agency refused the offer, stressing that “we are not on the market, and demographics — not the product”.

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