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The last invention of Steve jobs: aerovodochody published a new “spaceship” headquarters Apple

Thanks to the latest drone flight over Apple Park we have the opportunity to see how is the construction of a new giant Apple campus. The video first shows the visitors center and historic buildings – the barn Glendenning Barn.

Green spaces allow us to understand how will look like the inner part of the territory of the headquarters. On 46 hectares of land planted more than 9,000 drought-tolerant trees and in the Park area will accommodate a garden and lawn with a small lake. Judging by eurovideoart, artificial pond ready for filling with water.

More work has been done in the conference room, called theatre of a name of Steve jobs: the perimeter of the building completed installation of glass panels and currently is the arrangement of interior spaces. You can also see the visitors center, located across the street from the theater. It combines the Apple store, and café serving guests of the campus.

Apple kept his promise to preserve and restore the historic Glendenning barn Barn. He will not remain empty — the company plans to use it to store equipment for the care of the territory.

The construction of Apple Park is not yet completed, but the company’s employees are already actively engaged in the relocation, and improvement of buildings and Park areas will continue during the summer. All the nuances of the construction of the Apple Park you can appreciate in the video below.

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