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The last invention of Steve jobs: 7 incredible facts about “spaceship” headquarters Apple

In a recent interview, Apple has told some interesting details about the new Apple campus Park. Now employees are actively engaged in the relocation, and improvement of buildings and Park areas will continue during the summer. The latest invention of the company founder Steve jobs makes a big impression. In this article, we have collected 7 interesting facts about “spaceship” headquarters Apple.

From the Shamrock to the ring

The main attraction of Apple Park — main building in the form of a ring made of curved glass, concrete and steel. However, the main office was not conceived as a ring. Initially, Steve jobs wanted the campus resembled a clover leaf with three petals (or, as it was called cupertinos, “propeller”). But when he showed an early draft to his son Reid, he noticed that a bird’s eye trefoil is similar to the male genitalia. After that the architects came to a more perfect form of the circle.

High-tech containers for pizza

To create a new container for pizza, the Apple turned to chef Apple Café Francesco Longoni. A patent for high-tech packaging were filed until 2010, although at that time the cafe had not yet opened.

Unlike traditional boxes, “Apple” version has a round shape and does not need to assemble before use. The cap has eight holes that leak air, steam and dissipate accumulated moisture. Also its surface has a special shape to be able to stack several boxes on top of each other.

Giant glass doors in the cafe

The company wanted the café to be open in good weather. To achieve this, she ordered two massive sliding glass doors — they can open wide and dine in the fresh air. The height of each door is about 26 meters. Along with the steel structural elements, they weigh nearly 200,000 lbs. to reduce noise when opening and closing doors, all the mechanisms are placed under the ground.

Unity with nature

Steve jobs knew how to look individual jobs at Apple. Everything was meticulously thought out, down to the wood, which will be made tables. It is not even about the species of wood. The company’s founder knew that the tree should be cut down in winter, preferably in January, to have the least sugar content and SAP.

Modules instead of “open space”

The idea of the office, broken into small sections, also belongs to jobs. In his view, the modular structure better contributes to the creative process than open space. The purpose of these “cells” can be very different: one is for office work, the other for the collective work of the third communication, the fourth for vacation and so on.

The entrance to any “capsule” free to every employee, whether a CEO or an ordinary engineer, and move into it at any time. At the same time, taking into account the need for Apple to strictly protect its secrets, in some places, the tolerance is still limited. For example, the design Studio Quince enveloped in translucent glass — to see what’s going on, impossible. However, this room is more open than the one that is on the street Infinite Loop.

Resistance to earthquakes

New Apple campus is located in one of the most seismically active zones in the US, so it was important to make sure that he will be able to withstand earthquakes for 100 years. To achieve this, the company has established a circular building on the huge insulators with a steel base, which allow it to move up to 1.5 m in any direction, without losing access to life support systems.

Special stone

Steve jobs wanted the outer side of the fitness center looked like a bar in his favorite hotel in Yosemite. To do this, Apple used a stone from a special quarry in Kansas, and then gave him a rough and shabby appearance.

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