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The laptop for $1800 Apple cheaped out on the camera for $5

The thinnest, lightest and most innovative. That’s what we heard at the recent launch of the new MacBook. However, the company failed to mention several facts that are very important. So, it turns out that the new laptop’s built-in FaceTime camera, which is on the presentation is called “high definition”, shoots with a resolution of 720p.

Similar cameras on earlier versions of the MacBook Pro, and shoot in 1280×720 resolution. This new product is inferior to many modern laptops developers usually provide the top models of camera with support for 1080p means that for the speaker the quality of your image over Skype or FaceTime will be much worse. Even a 27-inch iMac is equipped with a 1080p camera.

Note that in the 12-inch MacBook uses the front camera a lower quality, it takes as 480p. Logic Apple in this case, it remains unclear why the reference to the market use outdated hardware? The only answer that is not devoid of logic – that is what will update in the next generation.

Apple introduced a new MacBook Pro at the presentation in Cupertino on October 27. The main feature of the device – touch the screen at the top of the keyboard. Panel Touch Bar has replaced a number of function keys and displays information about the system or the appropriate quick-action applications.

The device will go on sale at the price from 120 000 rubles for a younger model 145 000 for the 13-inch model c panel Touch Bar and 190 000 rubles for the older model with 15-inch display.

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