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“The kid on the drive” mounted directly on the set on 15-inch MacBook Pro

Mounting cart, travel trailer on the set, working on the side of the road: what to expect the editor with a 15-inch MacBook Pro, which is forced to be on the set every day.

Gender Maklis worked on some of the most ambitious projects in film and on TV. Recently in the world rolled out a picture of Edgar Wright’s “Little drive”, in which he participated.

At NAB-2017 pavilion Avid Maklis held a presentation where he told that “Little drive” was his most challenging project of his career.

The film “Baby on the drive,” says a driver named Baby, helping the criminals to hide from the police. Its distinguishing feature is ringing in the ears, with which he struggles through music that constantly plays in his headphones. Therefore, the entire film takes place under the music that is stored on the player Baby, or tapes.

All the action takes place to the music, and many of the movements and events had to synchronize with her, according to tvkinoradio. Describing the film, Maklis explained that the music began to dictate almost all of the Kid’s life: “I Think he’s always left composition with the right mood.”

On the project there was virtually no separation between production and post production: “I guess “Kid on the drive” is the most accurate representation of how we work with Edgar Wright. We have developed this scheme have re-shot some scenes for “Scott pilgrim”, then during production of the film “world’s end”. We are many action scenes glued directly on the site. On the project Wright said, “you Know, I must ask you to be on the set every day.

To all the ideas of the film worked, Maklis had to keep editing on location. He had to be movable to fit everything in. He gathered to himself mounting the cart, “It lent me the audio shop when everyone realized that I will need to move a lot”.

On the truck there is nothing superfluous — MacBook Pro and a few external hard drives. “On the laptop installed Avid Media Composer, and next to it is a high quality monitor, which performed a role of the second screen or the primary viewer, if Edgar came up and asked how how it looks”.

Please note on the keyboard. You will see her after filming.

Looking at the monitor on the cart, you will notice that the installation program also features a storyboard of the picture. All because each scene carefully counted on preproduce, synchronizing the action with the music.

Because the position of protagonist Maklis literally had to work on the road: “I was sitting on the curb, ready for anything. Filmed the climactic chase, so I could leave the truck out of the truck and a minute later listen to Edgar”.

At the end of the filming equipment Maklis much worn out. Remember the keyboard?

“So that was the keyboard after 15 weeks of shooting. When we finished, I took it home and put it in a frame. It now hangs on the wall and rest. On this keyboard, I only worked on the “Baby on the drive” and nowhere else”.

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