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The journalist who tested all flagship Android smartphones, iPhone 6 recommends

iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus is such a top-end smartphone experts recommend Delfi. His conclusion they did after studying all of the top communicators in 2015. The reviewers of resource believe that the producers of “phones” still can do little to oppose the devices “Apple” brand.

For the buyer choose to pay

The point is simple — top smartphones are a niche product with a very limited demand, and buyers often chooses Apple. Competition is only Samsung, but the Korean giant is yet confidently loses California.

Here are the top 10 sold in the world of smartphones according to research from Counterpoint (April 2015, 20 days after the debut of the Samsung Galaxy S6, when the interest in the device at the peak):

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Xiaomi Redmi 2
  • Samsung Note 4
  • Apple iPhone 5S
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note
  • Microsoft Lumia 435
  • Xiaomi is a local Chinese brand that makes very cheap (200-300 dollars) and very successful, judging by the reviews and the reaction of the market, copies of high-end smartphones from Apple and Samsung. But where HTC or LG? Where Is Sony? No more, at least in the top ten. A little beyond is located Motorola Nexus 6, Huawei Mate 7 and the Xiaomi Mi 4.

    Absolute sales figures, the researchers not known, however, of the quarterly report, the Apple we know that in the second quarter of its fiscal year (i.e., at the beginning of this year), the company sold 61 million iPhones of all models. As in the previous quarter of 74.5 million mobile devices. Smartphones, for a moment, bring Apple 70% profit.

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    Samsung conceals the sales figures of its flagship, but journalists managed to find out that the Galaxy S6 edge is the absolute flagship in the line of Samsung, it took a month from the date of commencement of sales to reach 10 million sold devices. For comparison, the Galaxy S4 has reached this figure in 27 days, and Galaxy S5 — 25. At the same time Samsung sales of Galaxy S5 was evaluated as “failure”. According to the latest financial report, the profit of Samsung continues to fall for the seventh consecutive quarter. Buyers simply choose Apple, voting Euro, us dollar and Renminbi.

    Yes, especially the yuan, the Chinese market has suddenly become the largest mobile market in the world. Even Apple admits that now sells there more iPhones than even in the US, at its “home” market, for a long time holding the palm.

    Why the buyer choose to pay that way

    We are talking about smartphones cost 700-1000 euros. Devices that for the average user are luxury items. Why in such a situation, the choice fell on an iPhone? Because top-end smartphones running Android are suffering from two evils. And these evils became more than obvious during active tests of a number of flagships this year.

    The trouble is the number one sameness. Put next a couple of flagships-competitors running Android and honestly say to yourself — are they really something significantly different? Because its so radically? Yes, there will be a billion things and fisiche”, but none of them is decisive. Rounded edges Samsung Galaxy S6 edge? Leather cover LG G4? KRU-u-UTO! What? Even after a week the novelty effect disappears. Yeah, looks great, feels great, works great. So what? iPhone 6 also looks, feels and works. And even technically inside they are all the same horror. Breakthroughs and innovations, where are you?

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    And here, amid the troubles of the number one trouble two for iPhone rivals particularly painful, though, because they nothing can do about it.

    Trouble number two, the ecosystem of Android is worse than iOS ecosystem. The author is one of the few people who daily uses and “droid”, and “Apple”. And can say with confidence — unfortunately, it’s not a myth that even the same program for Android and iOS differ not only in quantity, but also the “quality”. Updated later, do not contain all functions sometimes do not come out…

    And that’s not to mention the fact that on iOS, in principle, has more “exclusives”, especially in a world of good, quality games from major publishers. The clock is ticking and the situation, despite the prophecies of respected people does not change. Reason: iPhone, on average, is better off the public is willing to pay for the program. Publishers and developers go for the money, and who would dare to blame them?

    Of course, Android can boast of “gigawatt” — much more control over the device and the presence of utilities that “allowedip” not even dreamed of. For example, fresh finding of the author is program Gravity Screen, which completely automates the process of unlocking the screen and can be a real salvation for those who have a broken power button. But whether an ordinary person, this “hikoboshi”? Probably not. You probably will need to have smartphone just worked and did not require any “maintenance”, there is no additional care. And to downloaded from the App Store program is guaranteed to not contain any viruses and are safe for the psyche of young

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    Pretty sure in the will of Steve jobs has a secret line, addressed personally by the current head of Apple Tim cook: “Tim, just, for God’s sake, don’t change a thing!”.

    One may scoff at the fact that iOS is changing very slowly and carefully, but this is exactly what we need the common man — the simplicity and predictability. And to maintain a simplicity and predictability Apple succeed so much more than all its competitors from the world of Android.

    Of course, Android has its in the segment of low-cost devices. But it also plays against the ecosystem in General in the market of expensive smartphones is where it is important the name and prestige (for example, in the proverbial China). Because we all like to look a little smarter, prettier, richer and better than they really are. About Steve jobs Tim cook also probably wrote.

    In this situation, I sincerely recommend to purchase expensive (keyword) smartphone running Android just unprofessional. Maybe Samsung and the rest of the mill Android is to descend from heaven to earth and start selling their flagship for a more money? You look, and sales boom times, Galaxy S3/S4 will come back…

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